Hey hey hey!  Here’s a shout out to bigots everywhere!  You’ll be happy to know that the blood red state of North Dakota (which previously had 0 protections for LGBT folks) voted today to keep it that way, damn it!  Despite overwhelming support from several influential people that live and pay taxes in North Dakota, the republican North Dakota house voted to keep discrimination against our gay and lesbian friends in place in North Dakota.  

The pro testimony included such great insight such as:

“Make North Dakota a place everyone can call home.” From Rep. Kylie Oversen

“Discrimination is not a North Dakota value.” From Rep. Joshua Boschee


“What side of history do you want to be on?” From Rep. Thomas Beadle.

North Dakota GOP Reps voted down legislation that would do nothing more than provide the same protections for our LGBT neighbors as the rest of us have.

Using things like “religious liberty” and the assumption that this would create a “special class”, they proved themselves to be against forward progress yet again.

A.  Expecting to have the same rights as everyone else is not a case of wanting “special rights”

B.  The Jesus I grew up with (Yep, right here in North Dakota) said to love everyone.  

So, am I surprised?  No.  

Am I disappointed?  Yes.

Let every human being–gay, straight, white, black, male, female, have the same civil rights.  Or continue legislating a right to discriminate.  Really….which side of history do you want to be on?

Seriously, North Dakota?


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