Well, the North Dakota legislature has officially wrapped up for another two years.  Yep!  In good ole North Dakota, we only like our legislatin’ every other year.  That way, there’s a whole two years to fix the previous shenanigans.  No, wait.  It’s less gubmint.  That’s why.  We like less gubmint.  Or is it?

So, it wasn’t nearly as bad as 2013.  I mean, pre k assistance was approved but only for po’ folks that can’t afford it.  The rest of you tax paying North Dakotans?  Well, you make too gosh darn much money to get any help from that state you pay your taxes to.  But wait!  They also approved tax cuts.  So, quit yer bitchin’.  They know they aren’t doing anything that’ll help you so they’re letting you keep more of your own money.  God bless ’em.  

And thank goodness there were no more abortion restrictions proposed.  I guess after that whole six weeks, heartbeat thing, there was really nowhere else to go, right?  

But, gays get 0 rights.  Rape victims get half of what they need, and there’s still no ethics commission.  What’s that?  North Dakota legislature has no body to govern ethics of legislators?  Nope.  Not even a peep.  Now, North Dakota isn’t the only state without ethics….er…. I mean an ethics commission.  There are actually a few others as seen here:

But a logical thinking person would just assume that a state with a huge oil boom, out of state interests and tons of money flying would see the need for some ethics.  Nope.  For ethics, we need to wait two more years.  Happy voting!  

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