Hey, cats and kittens, now that the legislative session is over, there are going to be a couple things that were not even touched on that I’m gonna bring up.  The first one is so ridiculous that it deserves its own blog.

Did you know that there are 31 states where a woman who is impregnated as a result of a rape, there is no law stopping the rapist/father from obtaining visitation or custody rights?   And surprise surprise!  North Dakota is one of the 31.  So, let’s say your teenage daughter gets drugged and raped at a party.  She ends up pregnant.  Now, being the good “pro life” North Dakota parent that you are, you tell her everything will be ok.  You support and love her.  You’ll be there to help her.

Now, as happens way too often in rape cases, this boy gets probation (that’s only if you had the stomach to allow your baby girl to go through the trial).  He gets out, his record is expunged in a year or two, you’re helping your baby girl with the son or daughter she has and bam!

You get papers in the mail that this guy wants visitation or even custody.   He did his time.  He’s got a good job now and he wants his kid.  You’d think having been a rapist and ruining your baby girl’s life and her trust in men would be a good reason for a judge to say no, right?  Well, that’s not what happens in other states.  You can read some of the truths here:

Or here: 

Or here:

But, can we please stop it before it starts in North Dakota? Since they cut proposed funding for sexual assault victims in half-after they first cut it altogether and the rational North Dakotans went wild, they gave them half ($250,000 the same day they approved 5 mill to get the governor a new mansion), one can only presume it’s because they just don’t give a damn about rape victims.  

Yeah.  I’m biased. I’m a survivor, but many are.  They just don’t talk about it because of the WAY THEY’RE TREATED!

So hey, in 2017, can we vote in people who give a damn?

Seriously, North Dakota?

I realize this is a serious issue and blog, so to lighten it up, please watch this clip on this very subject from the daily show:


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