It’s bound to come out sooner or later, so you may as well hear it from me.

I used to be a republican. Quite a die hard actually.  I voted for George W. twice!  I just liked the man.  It wasn’t until later….much later, that I realized all those things I’d been told about the Republican Party were lies.

I believed they were the “fiscally conservative” party.  I, myself am quite fiscally conservative.  I believed the Republican Party meant less government and more freedom.  Hell, I even didn’t worry about gay rights or abortion–didn’t affect me!  So who cares?

But, over time, as a single mom, I began to realize….we aren’t gay by choice.  We aren’t single by choice (well, just the smart ones.  ;-)). But damned if the state didn’t keep taking my tax dollars.

They turned their back on me as a divorced, single woman.  They’d years ago turned their backs on our gay population.  And yet, they want our tax dollars and refuse us equal representation.  

Beyond that, my wake up call was when the Republican Party thought it should tell people who they were allowed to marry; they told women what they could or could not do with their own bodies; they told me that as a single, white woman, my energies would be better served in finding a husband rather than screaming at them “what the hell?!?”

And so, I’m now a proud democrat.  Small government doesn’t tell you who to marry.  Small government doesn’t want to govern women’s bodies.  Small government takes care of its people–gay, straight, black, white, male, female.  Small government means, “do what you want.  We’re here to protect your right to do it.”

And so now, I’m not a republican.  Just thought you should know.

And psssst.  Politics isn’t like sports.  It’s ok to switch sides when the other team loses their minds.  I did it.  No regrets. 

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