What If? 

What if your disengagement with politics is the goal? 

I see so many people; young and old; black and white; male and female; who are so incredibly disappointed and disillusioned with the entire political system in this country that they have chosen to “opt out.” They pay no attention, they don’t vote, they don’t care about a government that doesn’t care about them, but death and taxes are our only two guarantees in life.  You feel what you’re doing is noble. Opting out of the “big political machine” seems like the only option. I understand. I’ve been where you are. But here’s my epiphany:

What if the goal is to completely turn you off? What if the goal all along is for fewer and fewer people to care enough to vote; to raise their voices; to stand up and fight? Believe it or not, politicians have a better chance at winning when you don’t vote. They want you to stay home and pay no attention. All the while, they continue taking your tax money and not representing you.

There are two dominant parties. And until we elect the right people to make serious changes in our country, there will always be only two dominant parties. In poli sci, I learned some excellent lessons although I was still too young to understand:

1. A vote for the third party is a vote for the member of the party you least want to win. This doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, but for a third party to even have a chance, there are so many rules and red tape and big money that needs to be overcome first. The third party is there to take votes from one candidate or the other. Some even call it strategic.  So, for the time being, like it or not, there will be two candidates and only two that can possibly win. Money backs the two parties. Never forget that as long as money is needed to win, we only have two parties.

2. They don’t want everyone to vote. One party even went so far as to limit voting rights after they lost the presidency twice in a row. They want you to be disgusted. They want you to think politicians are all alike. They want you to think the most noble decision is to stay home in protest. 

And these things will not change until everyone starts voting. This is the way our country works. You can’t ignore it and assume it will ever change. You have to vote for the people that want to change it.

November, 2016 will be here before you know it. Now is the time to make sure you have everything you need to vote and remember,  “one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


Our Congressman

Since I recently outed myself, I thought maybe I should tell you a little about how I know our illustrious congressman. I grew up in Kindred attending Norman Lutheran church. Our regular pastor there was wonderful. He knew how to take the holy bible and dissect it to teach us all about love and forgiveness. It freaks people out now when I tell them I believe in the teachings of Christ. You know why? Because a band of “nobody wants you preachers” has taken over our country. And they’d planned it for years. In their eyes, homosexuality is a sin; intimate love prior to marriage is a sin; abortion is a sin. Which is all well and good for them to think, I guess. But now they’re in politics–working out laws based on those close-minded views. At Norman Lutheran, I learned only God can judge so I don’t do it myself.

Congressman Cramer had wanted to be a minister before he became a congressman. In the small town of Kindred, our regular Pastor was happy to let him exercise his belief in Christ–because our regular pastor was a wonderful, loving, forgiving person who’s seen hell and emerged stronger.

Pastor Cramer was a guest pastor at our church that preached that we would all be going to hell: fornicators, homosexuals, women who don’t know and accept their role.

The man was ousted from ever preaching the word of God because he just didn’t seem to understand love and forgiveness. I heard him preach at 14 and never forgot how I would go to hell.

Now, he’s your congressman, North Dakota. I voted for Pam Gulleson, George Sinner and Chase Iron Eyes even though Kev and I are from the same hometown. This is not a man made for government. Please stop voting for him.