Since I recently outed myself, I thought maybe I should tell you a little about how I know our illustrious congressman. I grew up in Kindred attending Norman Lutheran church. Our regular pastor there was wonderful. He knew how to take the holy bible and dissect it to teach us all about love and forgiveness. It freaks people out now when I tell them I believe in the teachings of Christ. You know why? Because a band of “nobody wants you preachers” has taken over our country. And they’d planned it for years. In their eyes, homosexuality is a sin; intimate love prior to marriage is a sin; abortion is a sin. Which is all well and good for them to think, I guess. But now they’re in politics–working out laws based on those close-minded views. At Norman Lutheran, I learned only God can judge so I don’t do it myself.

Congressman Cramer had wanted to be a minister before he became a congressman. In the small town of Kindred, our regular Pastor was happy to let him exercise his belief in Christ–because our regular pastor was a wonderful, loving, forgiving person who’s seen hell and emerged stronger.

Pastor Cramer was a guest pastor at our church that preached that we would all be going to hell: fornicators, homosexuals, women who don’t know and accept their role.

The man was ousted from ever preaching the word of God because he just didn’t seem to understand love and forgiveness. I heard him preach at 14 and never forgot how I would go to hell.

Now, he’s your congressman, North Dakota. I voted for Pam Gulleson, George Sinner and Chase Iron Eyes even though Kev and I are from the same hometown. This is not a man made for government. Please stop voting for him.

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