North Dakota and Refugees

Hey hons, there’s a bunch of assholes losing their shit over Lutheran (read-religious group) Social Services working to settle 350 refugees in our area. And it’s occurred to me that the same damn people that don’t want refugees here (they started a freaking petition!) are saying things like “take care of us first! (Yet they hate welfare and food stamps) And they say, “send em back where they came from!” 

Here’s the deal, cats and kittens:

Refugees are people that are rescued from horrible, war-torn situations. The women and children are being raped or killed or enslaved and the men are told to fight or die. In these countries, a “man” can be as young as 10 years old.  Through humanitarian efforts, they are rescued and given two choices. These choices generally consist of, “stay and die, or come here and live.” 

I can almost guaran-freakin-tee you none of them want to come to North Dakota. They want to live and we happen to have a very wonderful, welcoming community to bring them in, help them, and give them hope for a better life. 

Refugees are not immigrants. Refugees are people who will die or face inhumane acts if we don’t help them. Immigrants are people that feel America is a better place and come here willingly. Either way, we should welcome them, but with refugees, we have an opportunity to actually save lives. Simply put, telling a refugee to go home is like telling someone who’s house is on fire to go home; there’s no home to go to. Immigrants leave before their house is on fire. 

So, what do some asshats do? They start a petition that basically says, “go back to your country and die.”

How very Christian of them.