Dear John, 


We’ve been together a long time now. We’ve had our share of disagreements. I’ve overlooked a lot of things because–well, honestly, I just didn’t think I could do any better. 

You were a good governor. I voted you into the senate. Sure, you stumbled a bit. It’s difficult to take a stand when so many of your friends are clouding your vision. It was ok when you voted against closing loopholes for gun-owners. I’m sure standing up to your buddies at the NRA is tough. Then, you voted against equal pay and you voted against women’s rights to control their own bodies and their futures. I let it go because you were all I had. 

But when you decided to throw your support behind Donald Trump–a man who’s repeatedly said horrible things about war veterans, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, women, the disabled and well, who’s been denounced by several of your buddies in the senate already….

Well, John, I just don’t think we can stay together. Our beliefs are just way too different. And trust me John, it’s not me–its you. You’re a coward and I just can’t stay with a coward. Good-bye, John. You no longer deserve me. I can do better. 

Sincerely (Seriously),

North Dakota