Hey, Bernie fans of NoDak

It was so amazing to see you all show up for the caucuses! It was also really wonderful to see you all in Bismarck. It was wonderful to see you ask questions of the Dem party chair and see you give a damn about politics. 

I know many of you walked out on the national convention when your guy conceded the primary to Hillary. That tells me you’ve got guts. I understand your heart was broken when he conceded, but here’s a bit of reality for those of us in North Dakota: 

Prez is decided by the “electoral votes.” I know it  sucks. It all sucks. North Dakota has 3 measley electoral votes. That means, who we think should be president matters very little when it takes 270 to win.  

What we can influence is people that believed in Bernie’s stance getting elected in our home state. There are a few running. And while you may not be interested anymore in politics, I can tell you Bernie would be let down if you didn’t show up to vote for these people in your home state. Write in whatever you like for president, but please, show up to vote. 

Eliot Glasheim is a Bernie supporter that is running for senate against John Hoeven.  He was inspired (just like you were) to make a difference. Show up and vote for him. 

Chase Iron Eyes is also a Bernie supporter that has always wanted to run, but it was Bernie’s message that made him do it.  Chase is running for congress against Kevin Cramer.  

Running against an incumbent in our tiny state takes a great deal of courage, money, and inspiration. Be inspired. 

Write in Mickey Mouse, vote third party or leave the top blank (yes, you can do that). But, show up, vote and make Bernie proud.  We can do it this year. We can thank Bernie for that. Don’t let his message fade.