Do North Dakotans understand the first amendment? 

“Those protestors should get jobs.” 

“I want to protest the protest.”

“Protesting won’t change anything. Go home.”

These are actual quotes from regular, everyday North Dakotans regarding two protests: 

The Standing Rock protest of the Dakota Access pipeline and the nationwide protests over president-elect, Donald Trump. 

These regular, every day North Dakotans are exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech. What they don’t seem to understand, is that protestors have that same right. 

Some protestors believe so strongly in something that yes, they’re willing to quit their jobs, camp in sub-freezing temperatures, and get arrested or physically hurt. 

It seems North Dakotans don’t remember how African Americans and women got the right to vote. It would seem they don’t remember the protests around every war and how those protests led to actual change in this country. 

As Americans, we have a constitution that gives all citizens the right to free speech and the right to assemble. If you want to silence protestors, just know that your right to free speech can also be silenced. 

Be thankful for the protestors that came before you and those that continue to fight for your rights–that’s called activism.

 Sitting home in your comfy chair not understanding why people are protesting?  Well, you have the right to talk about that, but you may want to spend some time learning a little history first.