North Dakota is soooo Pro-Life that….

Hey all! Remember when our legislators tried to pass a bill that basically outlawed all abortion? That was defeated quite heartily? 

Well, now North Dakota is so very pro-life that our legislators–people you elected–sorry, even if you didn’t vote, you still elected them. They want to pass legislation that’s so pro-life, it would make it totes ok for you to:

A. Run down anyone that’s in the way of traffic (this was designed for protestors, but it really says in the way of traffic). So, all those school kids getting hit on their way to school? Eh….ok. I mean, they stood in front of your F-150 so….


B. Use deadly force if anyone is engaged in (what you perceive to be) criminal mischief. Or if they are on your property, or trying to steal or break your property–as long as it’s worth 100 bucks. 

So, here’s my question: 

North Dakota is pro-life right? 

Is my body worth 100 bucks….or no? 

I’m just a chick.