Dear Kevin

We’re from the same hometown. I remember you ministering at my church when I was barely a teenager. I’ve heard and seen you say some horrible things and I’ve disagreed with you. I didn’t think you could possibly say anything worse than mass shootings are caused by legalized abortion; welfare recipients shouldn’t eat if they can’t work; or people with pre-existing conditions were “gaming the system.”

But, then, you went ahead and said it. Even if Kavanaugh was guilty of what Ford says he did, does that disqualify him for the Supreme Court?


30 years ago I was raped. It was at a party quite similar to what Ford describes except I was in college. I was 18, a freshman, and at a house party at NDSU.

One man took me down into the basement. He was an NDSU track star. I know. I shouldn’t have gone to the basement with him. His room mate stood at the top of those stairs pushing away anyone that asked about me or to see me.

He pushed me down on his bed, forced himself on me and then invited his room mate to do the same as he watched the door.

I went to the party. I wore a turtleneck and a mini skirt. I should’ve known better, right Kevin?

When it was all over, the first guy put a gun to my head and called me a whore for “f%#ing his room mate.” He left and I was trapped there. A third room mate came home and knocked on the door. I cried for help and he came in and helped me. He drove me to the hospital.

I did report everything, Kevin. I told my story to the police. The men were arrested. I was questioned repeatedly by officer after officer. My clothes were taken as evidence. My hair was pulled, my fingernails scraped, and I was given a rape exam.

I ended up dropping the charges because the prosecuting attorney told me how difficult rape cases were; how awful the questioning would be, and how strong I would have to be.

I wasn’t that strong when I was 18, Kevin. I didn’t want to put my family through it and I wasn’t strong enough to put myself through it.

I remember their faces and names. I remember in horrifying detail what happened that night 30 years ago. I remember how I quit school for 6 years and lived in fear. I know how I was afraid to trust anyone.

You better believe, if one of those monsters shows up as a candidate for the Supreme Court, I’d have something to say about it.

Yes, Kevin, sexual assault–even if it was 30 years ago, does disqualify someone from a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.