While our panties are all wadded over bible bill 2136 to offer kids bible studies in public schools, the North Dakota superior class of smarter-than-thou legislators are trying to push through a more sinister bill, 4001. This bill, would still allow we, the lowly, dumbass voters in North Dakota to petition to get proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. Hell, it would even let us vote on them! We could approve of a ballot measure in a landslide with our God-given votes (those bible classes teach about votes, right? Power to the people? Free will?); but if the legislature doesn’t also approve of it? It gets tossed.

That’s right….let’s think back to some of the measures we’ve voted on and approved: remember medicinal marijuana? What the hell happened to that? Wasn’t that approved 4 years ago now? Man, things sure move slowly in North Dakota–unless it’s running down protesters in the street or making sure every Tom, Rick, and Bette can carry a concealed weapon anywhere anytime. Bang! Bang! Yeehaw!

Oh….hang on there, pardner. This bill isn’t really about medicinal marijuana is it? No, it’s about that pesky ethics bill we voted for. Remember all the pushback? All those honest-as-the-day is long legislators saying they don’t have any ethic problems so they don’t need an ethics bill? Yeah….this is about that one.

North Dakotans aren’t dumb, folks. We may like our republicans, but we know they’re still politicians and taking money when they shouldn’t and always looking for ways to screw us. That’s why we approved an ethics bill. The very thought that those corrupt-as-the-day-is-long politicians have put forward a vote to make our voices null and void?

Well, isn’t that just more proof that we sure as hell need a damned ethics bill?

Don’t worry about bible classes offered in school, NoDak. It would never survive a challenge in court. Of course, your legislators are happy to waste your money fighting to make the country church and the school the same just like back on the prairie. Only, now Mrs. Wilder would be packing heat.

What you should be concerned about; pissed off about even, is that your politicians you voted into office want to toss your vote if they don’t like the cockamamie measures you approve of like ethics for politicians. If they discount your vote on ballot measures so easily, who’s to say our vote for them should count either? Oh, wait….

Ethics, anyone?

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