The second amendment states we have the right to bear arms. Absolutely, I believe in it. It’s in the constitution. Of course, we all have the right to bear arms. We absolutely have a right to fight government tyranny. We have a right to feel safe in our homes. We have a right to shoot anything or anyone that threatens us

However (the fancy, but) is, why are so many North Dakotans so terrified of anything, that they feel the need to be packing everywhere they go?

Was there an influx of damned Mexicans that invaded North Dakota?

Did they hear about our wonderful climate and felt the enormous desire to get in?

I mean, looking at our current legislative session and the number of gun rights bills, in addition to last session’s “constitutional carry” law, I thought perhaps there was a terrible threat I was facing.

Are the wolves at the door? Should I strap myself with a pistol everywhere I go? My god, if someone is trying to kill me for being a middle-aged, single, female property owner, please, someone tell me.

Or, is it just the small towns and rural cities that are facing this threat? I mean, I see all the legislators from small towns or ranches putting forth these bills about our god-given right to carry guns. Is there a rabid deer outbreak? Is it a bunny-in-your garden thing? Or do you actually fear that a homosexual liberal is going to come to your door and steal your freedom?

I’m sure walking down Main Street in Lisbon, ND is a scary thing for a strapping, young male republican in largely republican North Dakota, but I truly need to know.

What are you so afraid of that you need assault rifles, a bump stock, and a pistol to protect yourself from?

Are the turkeys rabid on your property? Or, should I be worried?

Please, tell me.

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