2019: North Dakota Legislature Aims at Taking Back the State’s 1975 Ratification of the ERA

At a time when many states are still ratifying the 1972 Equal Right Amendment, North Dakota legislators are hoping to pull back North Dakota’s 1975 ratification of it. Yes, you read that right. It always impressed me that North Dakota had ratified it at all, but it was one bit of ND history I could be proud of.  Not anymore.

Not only is North Dakota once again looking to strip away women’s rights to their own bodies again, but they’re seeking to take away the 1975 decry that women are equal to men. Ironically, they are stating that women are now equal to men while at the same time trying to make doctors lie to us if we’re facing an unwanted pregnancy. Equal? I don’t think so. Also, ironically, this is coming at a time when our neighbor to the east is pushing to ratify the ERA in their state constitution at last. You can read about Minnesota ERA movement here:


Perhaps, the North Dakota state legislature is so afraid it will finally pass and they will have to stop with the abortion crap and treat women as equals, so they are going to pull back their ratification. The ERA failed by three states. Since then, those states are still being pushed to ratify it and it is coming up in their legislative sessions thanks to the work of many tireless women that have been fighting for it since it began. Fearing those 3 states will finally ratify, the sneaky NoDak legislators are going to try and take one back. HB3037 sponsors are:








In case you don’t have time to click on each link, these are all old, white men. Not one woman legislator would introduce a bill to remove equal rights ratification in North Dakota. If you do have a chance to click on each of the links, you will find each rep’s phone number and email address to contact them and tell them what you think.

You can read the full text of the bill here:


Taking back ERA ratification?

Seriously, North Dakota?





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