Dems on Rick Becker: Let it go

You’re gonna hate me for this, but you know what? As a rape survivor, I honestly don’t give a damn what Rick Becker posts on his Facebook page. I’ve known who and what he was since I watched many of his videos of nothing but himself talking. Rick Becker is in love with Rick Becker and any attention to him is good attention. He’s even using the “outrage” to raise money presumably for a re-election campaign. In case you missed it, here is a screen shot of the exact post all of this ire is being hurled at:

Stop it. It was meme. If you want to be outraged for rape, please save it for actual victims. If you want to get angry and call for resignations, save it for the judges that give admitted rapists ridiculously light sentences. Save your outrage for the backlog of rape kits, the way rape victims are the ones on trial and on the lack of resources available to assist them. My point is, there are so many better things to spend your energy on than a stupid prison/soap in the shower meme. That joke is almost as old as Becker himself. The outrage seems overly political to me, with Democrats acting as though it’s the worst thing Becker has done. It seems like an excuse for Democrats to trash a republican and that’s it.

He’s loving the attention. You’ve given him reason to call you snowflakes and you’ve managed to make a bigger mountain out of a dumb meme than the issue of rape itself. I find it disingenuous and honestly, a little embarrassing. Please drop it now.

And Rick, if you want to impress survivors, rather than raise money for yourself, it would really impress me and I’m sure, other survivors, if you donated that money to the rape and abuse crisis center.