Don’t Be Fooled, NoDak!

While our panties are all wadded over bible bill 2136 to offer kids bible studies in public schools, the North Dakota superior class of smarter-than-thou legislators are trying to push through a more sinister bill, 4001. This bill, would still allow we, the lowly, dumbass voters in North Dakota to petition to get proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. Hell, it would even let us vote on them! We could approve of a ballot measure in a landslide with our God-given votes (those bible classes teach about votes, right? Power to the people? Free will?); but if the legislature doesn’t also approve of it? It gets tossed.

That’s right….let’s think back to some of the measures we’ve voted on and approved: remember medicinal marijuana? What the hell happened to that? Wasn’t that approved 4 years ago now? Man, things sure move slowly in North Dakota–unless it’s running down protesters in the street or making sure every Tom, Rick, and Bette can carry a concealed weapon anywhere anytime. Bang! Bang! Yeehaw!

Oh….hang on there, pardner. This bill isn’t really about medicinal marijuana is it? No, it’s about that pesky ethics bill we voted for. Remember all the pushback? All those honest-as-the-day is long legislators saying they don’t have any ethic problems so they don’t need an ethics bill? Yeah….this is about that one.

North Dakotans aren’t dumb, folks. We may like our republicans, but we know they’re still politicians and taking money when they shouldn’t and always looking for ways to screw us. That’s why we approved an ethics bill. The very thought that those corrupt-as-the-day-is-long politicians have put forward a vote to make our voices null and void?

Well, isn’t that just more proof that we sure as hell need a damned ethics bill?

Don’t worry about bible classes offered in school, NoDak. It would never survive a challenge in court. Of course, your legislators are happy to waste your money fighting to make the country church and the school the same just like back on the prairie. Only, now Mrs. Wilder would be packing heat.

What you should be concerned about; pissed off about even, is that your politicians you voted into office want to toss your vote if they don’t like the cockamamie measures you approve of like ethics for politicians. If they discount your vote on ballot measures so easily, who’s to say our vote for them should count either? Oh, wait….

Ethics, anyone?

I’ve Never Endorsed a Candidate. I am now.

I’ve been asked a few times to endorse this person or that person. I’m not sure why. I only have a blog and a Facebook page about North Dakota. I’ve never done it. Until now. I’m endorsing Heidi Heitkamp for senate and the reason may surprise you.

Are there many reasons to endorse Heidi? Yes, there are. She consistently fights for North Dakotans even when the democrats don’t like it. She does what she believes in even when the republicans don’t like it. She consistently fights for the underdog. She cares and wants to make a difference. How do I know she really cares and isn’t just another politician?

Heidi is a cancer survivor. Cancer is a death sentence for many. When you hear the word “cancer”, you start making plans to die. You don’t want to, but you know you may be taken from this world long before you’d hoped to be. That diagnosis changes you. It changed me.

You make promises to God, to family, to yourself. You say, “if you let me survive this, I promise I’ll earn it.” And, if you’re fortunate enough to survive, you spend your remaining days making good on that promise.

Heidi has faced her own mortality. She’s made a choice to spend the rest of her life trying to make the world a better place. Survivors also wonder why they survive and others do not. We have to make ourselves worthy.

That’s why I believe that Heidi is the real deal. She fights with her heart, her mind and her desire to leave the world better than she found it. She fights to earn that survival.

I get that. As a cancer survivor, I fully endorse Heidi Heitkamp for senate and whatever else she chooses to do to make the world a better place than she found it.

Dear Kevin

We’re from the same hometown. I remember you ministering at my church when I was barely a teenager. I’ve heard and seen you say some horrible things and I’ve disagreed with you. I didn’t think you could possibly say anything worse than mass shootings are caused by legalized abortion; welfare recipients shouldn’t eat if they can’t work; or people with pre-existing conditions were “gaming the system.”

But, then, you went ahead and said it. Even if Kavanaugh was guilty of what Ford says he did, does that disqualify him for the Supreme Court?


30 years ago I was raped. It was at a party quite similar to what Ford describes except I was in college. I was 18, a freshman, and at a house party at NDSU.

One man took me down into the basement. He was an NDSU track star. I know. I shouldn’t have gone to the basement with him. His room mate stood at the top of those stairs pushing away anyone that asked about me or to see me.

He pushed me down on his bed, forced himself on me and then invited his room mate to do the same as he watched the door.

I went to the party. I wore a turtleneck and a mini skirt. I should’ve known better, right Kevin?

When it was all over, the first guy put a gun to my head and called me a whore for “f%#ing his room mate.” He left and I was trapped there. A third room mate came home and knocked on the door. I cried for help and he came in and helped me. He drove me to the hospital.

I did report everything, Kevin. I told my story to the police. The men were arrested. I was questioned repeatedly by officer after officer. My clothes were taken as evidence. My hair was pulled, my fingernails scraped, and I was given a rape exam.

I ended up dropping the charges because the prosecuting attorney told me how difficult rape cases were; how awful the questioning would be, and how strong I would have to be.

I wasn’t that strong when I was 18, Kevin. I didn’t want to put my family through it and I wasn’t strong enough to put myself through it.

I remember their faces and names. I remember in horrifying detail what happened that night 30 years ago. I remember how I quit school for 6 years and lived in fear. I know how I was afraid to trust anyone.

You better believe, if one of those monsters shows up as a candidate for the Supreme Court, I’d have something to say about it.

Yes, Kevin, sexual assault–even if it was 30 years ago, does disqualify someone from a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.

221,000 didn’t vote in North Dakota 

Voter turnout is low. Voting is our only voice. 221,000 eligible voters stayed home. The population of North Dakota is approximately 750,000, so those 221,000 would actually make a difference.  Why do people not vote? 

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated in this survey. I’m not a politician or a journalist. I’m just a curious person. 

Were they: 

Too busy/couldn’t get time off?

Thought their votes wouldn’t matter?

Didn’t know any of the candidates? 

Don’t want to participate?


What is it, 221,000 people?  I’m curious. 

North Dakota is soooo Pro-Life that….

Hey all! Remember when our legislators tried to pass a bill that basically outlawed all abortion? That was defeated quite heartily? 

Well, now North Dakota is so very pro-life that our legislators–people you elected–sorry, even if you didn’t vote, you still elected them. They want to pass legislation that’s so pro-life, it would make it totes ok for you to:

A. Run down anyone that’s in the way of traffic (this was designed for protestors, but it really says in the way of traffic). So, all those school kids getting hit on their way to school? Eh….ok. I mean, they stood in front of your F-150 so….


B. Use deadly force if anyone is engaged in (what you perceive to be) criminal mischief. Or if they are on your property, or trying to steal or break your property–as long as it’s worth 100 bucks. 

So, here’s my question: 

North Dakota is pro-life right? 

Is my body worth 100 bucks….or no? 

I’m just a chick.  

Do North Dakotans understand the first amendment? 

“Those protestors should get jobs.” 

“I want to protest the protest.”

“Protesting won’t change anything. Go home.”

These are actual quotes from regular, everyday North Dakotans regarding two protests: 

The Standing Rock protest of the Dakota Access pipeline and the nationwide protests over president-elect, Donald Trump. 

These regular, every day North Dakotans are exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech. What they don’t seem to understand, is that protestors have that same right. 

Some protestors believe so strongly in something that yes, they’re willing to quit their jobs, camp in sub-freezing temperatures, and get arrested or physically hurt. 

It seems North Dakotans don’t remember how African Americans and women got the right to vote. It would seem they don’t remember the protests around every war and how those protests led to actual change in this country. 

As Americans, we have a constitution that gives all citizens the right to free speech and the right to assemble. If you want to silence protestors, just know that your right to free speech can also be silenced. 

Be thankful for the protestors that came before you and those that continue to fight for your rights–that’s called activism.

 Sitting home in your comfy chair not understanding why people are protesting?  Well, you have the right to talk about that, but you may want to spend some time learning a little history first. 

Hey, Bernie fans of NoDak

It was so amazing to see you all show up for the caucuses! It was also really wonderful to see you all in Bismarck. It was wonderful to see you ask questions of the Dem party chair and see you give a damn about politics. 

I know many of you walked out on the national convention when your guy conceded the primary to Hillary. That tells me you’ve got guts. I understand your heart was broken when he conceded, but here’s a bit of reality for those of us in North Dakota: 

Prez is decided by the “electoral votes.” I know it  sucks. It all sucks. North Dakota has 3 measley electoral votes. That means, who we think should be president matters very little when it takes 270 to win.  

What we can influence is people that believed in Bernie’s stance getting elected in our home state. There are a few running. And while you may not be interested anymore in politics, I can tell you Bernie would be let down if you didn’t show up to vote for these people in your home state. Write in whatever you like for president, but please, show up to vote. 

Eliot Glasheim is a Bernie supporter that is running for senate against John Hoeven.  He was inspired (just like you were) to make a difference. Show up and vote for him. 

Chase Iron Eyes is also a Bernie supporter that has always wanted to run, but it was Bernie’s message that made him do it.  Chase is running for congress against Kevin Cramer.  

Running against an incumbent in our tiny state takes a great deal of courage, money, and inspiration. Be inspired. 

Write in Mickey Mouse, vote third party or leave the top blank (yes, you can do that). But, show up, vote and make Bernie proud.  We can do it this year. We can thank Bernie for that. Don’t let his message fade.